hey folks! here are some pix from our youth creating change. let me know if you have some scanned photos that you would like to send so i can post them up here. click on the little thumbnail to see a bigger one. in no particular order...

youth-led, youth-initiated day of workshops!

youth creating real change!
race workshop for youth
trans/genderqueer & allies workshop
kisha at work
youth committee workshop

our youth action on stage!

ain't no power like the power of the youth

that's right, you tell them how it is!
the older pocs in support
the youth, the youth, the youth are on fire!
youth rise up!
what do we want, justice! when do we want it, now!
hell no, we won't go!

friends and family!

jaedon and yk
noah, jesse, avy
performance poetry poets
netta & greg