Voices Out of the Fire:

Race, Writing and Queer Youth Activism
Saturdays, beginning March 10, 2001. 1-3:30 PM


"Voices out of the Fire" is an 11 week course that will explore the effects of a white supremacist overculture on our lives, bodies and identities as radical Queer youth of color. We will focus on writing as a revolutionary act for personal and community healing and political resistance. There will be three broad program themes addressed throughout: our experiences of white supremacy while growing up, finding our home languages/personal identities, and radically activating toward an end to all forms of white supremacy. The course will culminate in an evening of readings/performances of writings that come out of the class.

The course is focused on Queer youth of color. In order to make sure that there is a majority of youth of color in the class, this brief application is required. This isn't "Anti-Racism for White Folks," though there will be a separate anti-racism component of the course for white folks who are involved.

RESYST (Resources for Youth, Students and Trainers) is a political and cultural resource for queer activists and educators, particularly youth of color, young women, (dis)abled youth, working class youth, trans youth and other young people from marginalized communities, working to build a movement of youth united for radical social change. We understand that education and action are an essential part of movement building and aim to provide these tools. www.resyst.org.

Urban Action School is dedicated to participatory education for working people, the unemployed, homeless people, youth, community organizers and activists. http://www.urbanaction.org/, info@urbanaction.org





Racial/Ethnic Background(s):

Sexual Orientation:

Gender Identity:


Class Background: (eg, poor, working class, middle class, etc.):

Political Background:(eg, exposure to activism/organizing, radical,
left-leaning, no involvement previously, etc.)

Briefly answer the following questions:

Why are you interested in taking this course?

What content would you like this course to include?

This course is on a sliding scale fee. NO-ONE WILL BE TURNED AWAY FOR LACK OF FUNDS, but a $15 (low-income), $50 (mid-income) $100 (loaded) donation is requested. This fee will be used for class materials and future RESYST projects.
Applications can be returned to the location you picked-up from or emailed to
seattleresyst@hotmail.com. Applications are due by February 10.
About the Facilitators:

Qwo-Li Driskill is a 25-year-old Cherokee Two-Spirit also of African, Irish, Lenape, Lumbee and Osage ascent. Ze is a radical poet, performer and organizer currently editing Planting the Tree: Mixedqueers on Race, Gender, Identity and Desire and beginning Knitbone Productions, an ensemble of First Nations writers, activists and performers.

Colleen K. Donovan is an Irish 23-year-old biqueer crip/(dis)abled slut from hell who is dedicated to the eradication of the stupidity of white supremacy. She is co-founder of Seattle RESYST and has appeared in Revolutionary Voices (Alyson 2000). She is currently editing an anthology for radical (dis)abled Queers.