Out of the many Americans who are suffering dry eyes, Susan Loughman is one. In fact, her condition is bad, as she complained of having a sandpaper-like feeling in her eyes. However, she gets immediate relief whenever she wears a pair of wide-diameter contacts prescribed by her optometrist Petter Russo who is the Loyola University Health System contact lens service director.

A usual rigid contact is only around 9mm. It rests on the cornea, which covers and protects that colored area of the eye. Loughman wear a specialized sclera contact lens. This dome-shaped lens that she’s wearing crypts over the cornea and lies on the sclera-which is the white area of the eye. Beneath the dome, there’s a reservoir of saline solution that washes the eye. Typically, Sclera contact lenses come in 15-22 mm. in diameter.

“They are very light and comfy to wear and they keep my eyes moisturized”, Loughman shared. “I don’t know what to do without having to wear them,” she stressed.

Sclera contacts are available ever since before, however great developments of the designs and materials have ignited resurgence in their use. In fact, they are an in demand topic in the world of contact lens according to Russo.

“It’s wonderful to see the impact sclera lenses can bring,” Russo said. “When my patients first come to the clinic, their eyes are extremely irritated, and need to use eye drops from time to time. They have blurry vision and they are not contented with kind of life they have. However, after they put sclera contacts, they have felt a quick relief.”

Dry eyes can affect people of any age but are most commonly experience by the elderly. About 5 million people in American age 50 and above are suffering from dry eyes and tens out of millions have lesser severe conditions, as what the National Eye Institute provided.

Symptoms consist of burning or stinging, a feeling that there’s something gritty or sandy in the eye, redness and pain heavy eyelids, blurred vision episode, decrease activity tolerance that need consistent visual attention like working in front of the computer and reading that results to eye fatigue.

Though eye drops can help but, it only provides temporary relief. Pharmacies sell numerous OTC lubricating drops of different brands; however, there’s no conclusive proof that any of this product works best for all people suffering from dry eyes, Russo shared.

There are many factors that cause dry eyes, this include skin disease surrounding the eyelid, adverse reaction of certain drugs, pregnancy, LASIK surgery, hormonal replacement therapy, allergies and immune system disorders like of Siogren’s syndrome, LSE and rheumatoid arthritis.

Russo also stressed that sclera contact lenses are made from hard plastic, have significantly improved in the past years. Unlike the previous sclera contacts, the newer ones are permeable from gas, so it means they let oxygen to permeate through the lens to supply oxygen to the eye’s surface. Every lens is customized for the wearer’s eyes. There’s a computer-assisted lathe which generates a completely correct curve at the back of the lens.

“It is amazing that lenses as big as this can be so comfy to wear,” Russo stressed.

According to Russo, it will take some time for patients to learn how to properly place contacts in their eyes. Moreover, such kinds of lenses are more expensive than the regular ones. Russo also said that he works along with patients to get insurance firms to shoulder the lenses fee, because they treat medical case and not for fancy use. You can as well visit some sites online selling such kind of contacts like of scleraxl.

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