When one thinks of weight loss, their mind generally tends to go in the direction of exercise, salads, and hard work. Others may even ponder the idea of taking that magic pill that claims to shed those pesky extra pounds overnight. But, it is highly unlikely that seeing a chiropractor enters the minds of those seeking to get rid of the bulge that is plaguing their everyday lives and keeping them from enjoying everyday activities that most normal weight people take for granted. Actually, a doctor of chiropractic is an excellent tool to have in your wight loss arsenal if you want to really achieve long lasting results.

When a person is studying to be a chiropractor, they not only learn the why’s and where how’s of the spine and its connection with every part of the body, they are also schooled in a holistic approach to healing the body by use of supplements and herbs. Chiropractors have a deep determination to help all those entering their practice live overall healthier and thus happier lives and in order to do that, you need to treat the body as a whole rather than the parts. They know that you can only get out of your body what you put into it, so why not put the highest quality vitamins, herbs, and supplements in order to help you attain your physical goals?

On your initial visit, your chiropractor will sit down with you and ask an array of questions in order to determine your lifestyle, your eating habits, and your exercise regimen. He or she will then ask you what type of life you want for yourself and what your goals are for weight loss. If these goals are too lofty and will only leave you feeling unsuccessful, the chiropractor will suggest a more goal friendly path that will end with positive results. You will then both work together in order to create a detailed plan that you will follow to achieve the goals you set for yourself. If at any time you are feeling overwhelmed or discouraged, your chiropractic professional will be there to help counsel you and get you back on the path to weight loss achievement.

During this consultation, your chiropractor will also determine if there has been any injury done to your spine due to the excess weight that you have been carrying around. Many times in heavier women, upper back pain due to bra straps pulling on the shoulders is very commonplace. There is also more pressure put on the spine to hold all of the excess weight which can lead to herniated discs, degenerative disc disease, or narrowing of the spinal canal. All of these injuries can be resolved with the use of spinal manipulation, decompression therapy, and progressive rehabilitation that your chiropractor can do on your subsequent visits. So not only can your chiropractic professional halt your pain, he or she can also help you find a better nutritional balance in your life thus resulting in the weight loss that you have been trying to achieve but could not up to this point.

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